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   If you’re feeling down or going through a rough time I guarantee I can make you smile for a minute. Reblog this and I’ll try my best to make your day a little better, no matter how many reblogs this gets, you deserve it. xo

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No matter how many notes this gets


I will go on everyones blog, i will look at your posts, your blog type, your pictures of yourself if you happen to have any, and anything else. I will look through it and i will put in your ask a description as if you were a character in a book.. How i would describe you from my own personal opinion.
Likes wont count just reblogs
(it will not be on anon so you will know it’s me)
..starting this Feb 4th and i will do them every time i go online no matter how many notes

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Dove Owns Axe

 I hate to burst your bubble about all the wonderful Dove RealBeauty Campaigns, but - spoiler alert - Dove Owns Axe. 

   You may not be as shocked as I was, but I was! I learned about this at a conference and I was basically heartbroken - the one good company, doing good for women, were hypocrites. Yes it hurt. Even though I still love the Dove campaigns, I see them differently of course and don’t take them seriously anymore. After hearing I noticed all the little flaws they produced that you can soon read about when I post it, but I guess there’s two parts to this. Yes, Dove is still good to show your daughter, sister or student - because it’s basically one of the only good examples in media we have sadly (that’s sort of a lie), but hey, remember what media’s there for - to make money. 

At the conference they told me, ’These media companies are sharks - they want your money. They don’t care about your children, your families, you, your troubles, they only want your money.’ They were right, but can’t I just be naive and believe there’s still some good in the world?

    The other part to this is a lesson you can teach these girls - and guys. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or ads, and I don’t just mean ‘don’t believe an image ins’t photo-shopped’, I mean, you can’t trust what the media tells us, be cautious and be aware of what you’re watching and be able to spot what’s real and what’s not.